3D Architectural Visualization

3D Images

Architectural 3D day and night time renderings of outdoor and indoor spaces.  Modeling, lighting, texturizing and rendering of architectural projects. Visualize everything you want by means of photorealistic images thanks to 3D Infoarchitecture Visualization.

360º Panoramic Images

This view allows the total visualization of a space from a 360º view angle. By means of the simple screen of any electronic device, it is possible to contemplate any scene as if we were part of it.

Virtual Reality

Beyond the 360 panoramic images, we find the concept of virtual reality which offers us the possibility of being part of 3D virtual reality environments. Thanks to a mobile device and a virtual reality headset  we can feel we are inside any imaginable environment.


our stu3Dio

  3iDea is the result of the specialization of Manuel Martínez, Architecture Technician and Interior Designer, in the world of Architectural Graphic Expression. Not only are we specialized in the realization of 2D and 3D images and architectural environments, but we offer all necessary help in the carrying out of architectural projects to architects, interior designers, developers, real estate agencies, etc.
Ángeles Delgado

Photography & Marketing

Manuel Martinez

Architecture & 3D ArchViz


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